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Why Is a Hotel Hostel For You? 7 reasons to stay at the St Clair Hotel Hostel

Are you traveling to Vancouver and want to stay downtown? There are a variety of accommodation options and here is 7 reasons why The St Clair Hotel Hostel may be for you

1) Price

Its affordable, You are coming into see and do as much in Vancouver as possible, the less you spend on your hotel the more you have for the restaurants and bars.

2) Family friendly

We are family friendly Hostel, unlike most hostels we do not have a blanket age range on who can stay, in a private room children are welcome (as long as they're accompanied by an adult of 19+) and with a variety of different room types available there will be one to suit your needs.

3) Different Room Types

Speaking of room types we offer a variety a double bed room for you and your loved one, a twin room if you and a friend are traveling together, Triple room for a young family with a young child

DBL Room - A private room with a double bed, perfect for a couple traveling

Twin room - Two beds in a room, perfect for if you're traveling with a friend

Twin bunk bed - Bunk bed in a room, perfect if you're traveling with a friend

Triple Room - Double bed with a bunk bed over the top, perfect for a family of 3

Dorm Room - Bunk bed in a dorm room, ideal for a solo traveler who wants to meet others

Private single room - single bed in a private room, perfect if you're a solo traveler who enjoys their own space.

4) Relaxed Vibes

Unlike a lot of hostels, we are not a party hostel, we have social areas to produce a relaxed vibe throughout where there is free tea and coffee offered in the morning. There are plenty of places to chill out, read a book, converse with each other, but don't expect to have to avoid drunk and disorderly guests.

5) Location

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver, we are walking distance from the vast majority of Vancouver attractions. 20 minute walk to Stanley Park, 5 minute walk to Gastown, 20 minute walk to Science World, 25 minute walk to Granville island, 10 minute walk to BC Place and Rogers Arena

6) Independent

The St Clair Hostel Hotel is an independent Hotel. independent businesses are run by people - not by boards, not by stockholders, not by algorithms. Therefore you get a different kind of care and quality in our product because we believe our work is a reflection of us. Supporting local businesses is supporting local communities.

7) Part of History

The St Clair Hotel-Hostel is a heritage-listed building, built-in 1911 by Captain Henry Pybus and Architect Samuel Birds. It was the first concrete building in Vancouver, originally built as accommodation for railway and ocean-going passengers from both Pacific and Atlantic locations. The nautical theme has been preserved so that travelers from all over the world can enjoy the history of this unique Vancouver landmark.

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