Is it possible to check in after reception hours?

Yes, if you think you will arrive after reception hours please let our staff know in advance so we can arrange a late check in for you.

What is required to check in?

Please ensure you have an international ID (Passport, Drivers Licence) and a credit card with you upon arrival.  Traveling Canadians must provide proof of residency. Residents of the Lower Mainland of British Columbia are not accepted. 

How long can I stay?

In private rooms, the maximum stay is 21 nights. You must however move rooms every 2 weeks to ensure cleanliness standards.  See below for dorm limits.

Is there a max limit on stays in a dorm?

We have a 7 night maximum stay in the dorm.

Do you have a minimum number of nights for reservation?

During the high season (April 15th to October 15th), you must book in for a minimum of 2 nights.


Can I smoke in my room?

No. Smoking is banned in British Columbia in all indoor public places and within 10 meters of public entranceways to the buildings and windows.


What is your cancellation policy?

We have a 2 day (48 hours) cancellation policy. If violated, you will be charged for the first night.

If we book multiple dorm beds, are we guaranteed to be in the same room?

We'll take all steps possible to accommodate you in the same room; however, we cannot guarantee you will end up in the same room.  Multiple factors play into this, but rest assured if there's a way, we'll find it!

Am I guaranteed the same room the entire duration of my stay?


Is there an age limit?

Dorms:  Ages 19-35

Private Rooms:  No age restriction, except that anyone under 19 is in a room with an adult 19+ who is willing to be responsible for them.

How do I pay for my booking?

Payment is always done upon the arrival. We do not charge the credit card upfront, however we do authorize the credit card to make sure the guest has sufficient funds on their card to pay for the booking.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Email:  info@stclairvancouver.com

Phone: 604 684 3713

Toll-Free: 1 800 982 0220

Email:  info@stclairvancouver.com

Phone: 604 684 3713

Toll-Free: 1 800 982 0220